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Our Story

As an actress, Pia Tjelta has spent years surrounded by costumes made by the tailors at the National Theatre in Oslo. She has always put a lot of effort in interpreting her characters through the possibilities given by clothing. Inspired by her love for the theatre, the great dramas and movie icons throughout time, her designs focus on choice of materials and attention to details. The design team, which consist of Tjelta, fashion designer Nina Amble and print designer Torunn Myklebust, aims for a timeless flattering look that can be worn by generation after generation.

The Team

Creative Director / Founder

Partner & Co-founder.

Head of Design
Bachelor in design & patternmaking

A world without Nina would not be possible! She started her career working with leather bags, but her real passion has always been clothes and we are truly grateful to have a highly talented and skilled women in our team.

Her shower should have been a radiostation, we would love to hear her sing.

Quality controller & patternmaker
Bachelor in design & pattern making

Martine has always been facinated with sewing and creating garments. She's is our pattern maker, embroiderer and machinist.
Martine could probably knit you a rose garden.

Saivana Exports - India
We feel so lucky to have found this company founded by an amazing duo in 1994. The family-owned house is based in New Delhi, India, specializing in the production of very high fashion garments for women and children.

They have an impressive account of renowned clients which we take great pride to be a part of. They provide know-how and expertise in lacework, schiffly and handwork to create perfect fit and high-quality garments. We have been working with them since day one, and we are so grateful to be working with such talented and devoted people.

Vinnitsa - China
Yet another family-run devoted business we love to work with. They are based in Hong Kong has over 4 decades of experience in sourcing, manufacturing and tailoring. They are truly experienced and dedicated, with a great focus on long-term relationship with their clients. They specialize in both knits and wovens in the high-end segment, with a great focus on sustainability.

Maglificio Cecconi - Italy
Based in the heart of Tuscany this factory was founded in 1996. The business is family-run and specializes in handknit.

Ellemme - Italy
This amazing factory was founded as a family business in 1968! The care of their production processes, the knowledge of ancient artisanal techniques, coupled with the attention to the environment, makes them truly special. The team is small, but they are all experts in their own fields following the production processes in all its stages from weaving to shipping. The attention to details certify all their products as a highquality product.
Pinhamsa - Portugal
With over 20 years of experience this factory provides high quality patternmaking and tailoring, specializing in pants for women and men. They are based in Beiriz, and have a qualified team of 80 employees.

No More Mondays is a creative studio working in luxury fashion, interiors and digital worlds founded by the couple Myklebust & Rørstad. NMM creates bespoke concepts and artworks rooted in storytelling and purpose driven design for prints, embroidery, as well as digital and physical spaces. Previous clients include Balmain, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Roberto Cavalli, Loewe and Maison Margiela.

Notch, creates growth in retail through design & communication and their sister Opudi specializes in retail strategy, brand identity and packaging design.