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As a clothing brand everything we make has an impact on the environment. We would love to say that we are a 100% sustainable brand, but we don’t use that word because we recognize that we are a part of the problem. We acknowledge the responsibility to work hard to make better choices every day, focusing on our core values. 

When designing and creating, we always have longevity in mind. Our mission is to create high quality, classical pieces meant to last long, pieces that you can pass down through generations. We provide knowledge and tips on how to best take care of your garments, to make sure it will last long. Pretty please with sugar on top educate yourself here.

We carefully choose all our materials and try to use as many natural fibers as possible for less impact on the planet is our goal. 

We work closely with a our manufacturing partners to build valuable partnerships and long-term relationships. We are proud to partner with professional, ethical factories that produce high-quality products in safe working conditions. 

If you have ideas on how we can become even more sustainable we would love love to hear from you.